No Electricity, No Problem.

This is a hack that I love to use on projects. Sometimes running electric is out of the scope of our project but we want what that electric brings… LIGHTING FIXTURES!!! And yes, light. But, man those lighting fixtures. So beautiful. 

The main reason I use this trick when we’re not running electric is for the dimension that a beautiful light fixture can add, but it does provide that light that can fill out your “lighting profile”- we should have all 3 qualifiers for a well rounded light vibe.
Ambient, Accent and Task… more on that to come ;)

I originally saw a blog post from Nesting With Grace on this over three years ago. I thought it was the coolest idea and after a year or so of leaving it pinned on the "To Try" board... I finally did it. First, I attempted it for myself, loved the results and started using it on projects. So far I’ve been using it on sconces, but I have a plan in the works to use it for a larger fixture… and it’s gonna be SO GOOD!

I start by finding the sconces that I’d like based on the style of the room we’re working in and the space that we have. Here are a few of my favorite sconces to use this trick with:

This classic beauty

A double stunner

This fun color pop

After much research and a couple failed trials with other types, my go to puck light is:

The process is incredibly simple. 

I use the hardware that the fixture comes with to adhere it to the wall. Sometimes you have to remove the grounding screw that’s on the back because it won’t allow the connection plate to sit flush with your wall. It’ll be obvious which one it is, and sometimes it’s labeled, but it’s just a little tiny screw that you can lefty loosey right outta there.

Attaching to the wall usually includes using an anchor so that the connection is really secure. Most of the lights I’ve used are very light so you really don’t have to worry about the weight of them, but you do want them staying snugly right side up because there’s nothing worse than a crooked light/sconce.

Once your fixture is adhered to the wall you can just drop the puck light right in. I’ve used velcro Command strips, heavy duty double sided tape or relied on gravity to keep them where they belong with great success.

While, this works perfectly if the the light bulb would be screwed in from above, if the lightbulb is to be screwed in from below (meaning it would hang down) there are a couple different ways you can make that happen. You can either use a strong hold glue like THIS ONE to adhere the puck lights to a short piece of threaded pipe/PVC that’ll screw right into the base (where the lightbulb would go) OR you can use the heavy duty double sided tape again (I have had good luck with this easier way).

To choose the right threaded base for your light, a trip to the hardware store will be involved. Make sure you know the size of the intended bulb and with some measuring and a little assistance, you’ll find the perfect piece. **REMEMBER: this light is not attached to electricity, so you can safely screw anything you want into it** If you go this route, just make sure you glue the base piece to your puck light in a way that allows you to change the battery when necessary!

Here are a few of my favorite places I’ve used this hack:


 Closing Tips:

  • Choose a light that has a space large enough for your puck light to fit
  • Be aware of what you will see (I generally choose opaque globes or shades so you don't see the puck light)
  • Make sure you keep the battery accessible!
  • Go for the remote (it makes it so much easier and much more authentic feeling)
  • Make sure the temperature of your puck light isn't too cool- it'll look obvious


Check out my short videos on IG and Tiktok that walk through the process- or more like sprint through 😉

So what do you think? Something you’d give a whirl?

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