Choosing your Paint Color

how to choose the right paint color

Choosing a paint color can be daunting. Considering all your options can be overwhelming, but pulling the trigger too quickly can lead to living with regrets. 

It would be great if there was a cheat, like borrowing one from a neighbor, but it doesn't quite work that way. While admiring someone's walls is a great way to be exposed to a color you like- asking them what it is as if you’ll use it the same way is like walking up to your gf and saying, "I love your foundation, what color is it?" It’s not guaranteed it’ll work for you. The layers that go into choosing a paint color run deep, but they start with… the tones in the paint and the light that your room is exposed to. 

 how to choose the right paint color


These are my go to tips for choosing the right color:

1. Understand that color is influenced by a multitude of factors and it’ll look different in each space 
    • LRV is a big one to give you a quick idea of how it will play in your space. LRV refers to Light Reflectance Value and goes from 0-100. Lower meaning it reflects less light, so it’ll feel darker and higher means it reflects more light- a brighter color
      • The LRV of a color can be found on the back of the sample chip or with a simple search of the color
      • A higher LRV means it'll reflect back more of the colors around it
    • Other factors include what else is in the space and where your light comes in from (and what’s outside!)
    2. Sample, sample, sample. 
    • Find the shade that you like and pick 2 that are similar… or narrow down your picks to 3 and start there. You can pick your choices based on the little paint chips, but then get yourself a sample pot. If it makes sense for your situation- paint a few samples around the room- don’t skimp!
    • Make sure they’re at least 12” x 12”. You can also paint a foam core board (dollar store!) or use a company like Samplize and get removable samples that are made out of actual paint!
    3. Let the samples marinate a bit.
      • Look at them in the different light of day and see which one consistently makes you happy. I always like to let clients “live with” a color for a bit- then you know you love it and won’t have any regrets.

      Following these easy tips will have you on your way to making the right decision. If you're still feeling overwhelmed... reach out! Oftentimes a short consultation can get you headed in the right direction. Let's chat about it!


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