Currently Coveting : Black Accents


A trend that keeps on bringing the drama? Black Accents. 


How do you feel about it? It seems like a whole lotta "LOVE it!" and "NOT for me" with a ton of maybe's in between. I feel like so many of us are scared of black decor... it's stark, it's dark, it's dreary... NOT ALWAYS!

It pops. It's a bold neutral and paired well it can be all out DREAMY. Here are a few of my current faves for bringing this trend home. (Psst... these links are shoppable!)

If you're hanging there in the middle and you like the look, but you're not sure if it's for you- start small! An easy way to add this of the moment shade is in those small accessories:



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This pretty black rattan tray is like a baby step to the dark side. A moody moment, but with the natural softness of the rattan coming through. 


Put some beautiful artwork or an inspiring quote in a simple black frame like this one 👆 and instantly freshen your vibe. 

Stepping it up, these black plug in sconces are a super cool accent piece. Not only are they a functional and convenient light source (hello no hard-wiring and space saving style), but they bring the drama in black with a touch of gold.



What do you think? Is it for you? I wanna know!


Happy decorating,

xx Kate



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