Basketcase: A follow up

Okay, so it feels like "Organize" is always on the list, right??
There's always something to put away, get more orderly or clear out. And we say this is BRILLIANT! Constantly editing your life is a healthy habit setting us up for forward movement. Let's GOOOOO!!
One of the key players in the Organization Game are "holders-of-the-things"... generally bins and baskets. 
Remember when we talked about these a while back? Here are some of our favorite ways to use them...
For a recap of some of our go to's, check out THIS post :)


Organize games, craft supplies and books like we did here:

   We separated the games by type- card games in one, board games in another, puzzles got their own too. For craft supplies these were a great corral for construction paper in one, coloring tools (pencils, crayons, pens and markers) in another. We also made one for each kid’s saved or ongoing projects. While we love to display books of all kinds, sometimes it’s easier to have them in a bin. This is especially true of those smaller paperbacks, so in they went. 


Keeping things tidy in here is the name of the game when it comes to productivity. Good for paperwork, receipts and back up supplies.

Productivity Hack: Keep a basket near your desk where you can stash on going project materials. It works perfectly for those times when you’re still working on it, but you’re not working on it RIGHT now. This gives you a bit of the “out of sight, out of mind” so that you can tackle other tasks, but keeps what you need easily accessible. (This is great for homeschooling kiddos)


Give each “tenant” ;) a basket or bin. For tight spaces this is great for keeping an entry tidy: shoes, keys, mittens, pocket collections…all in the bin. Especially during winter months in areas where you’re bundling up, this makes the hustle of getting in and getting out easier.  *Combined with a personal hook, this can take a lot of stress out of the mix

Living Spaces (General)

Again, each person should have their own basket here. Keep them in a spot that’s easily accessible and seen ( ←- this is key). As you come across the belongings your roommates/family have shed all over your home- a sock here, a book there, a pair of glasses, a collection of hair ties- you can place them in their respective basket.  If you have the room, this works really well on the stairs if you’ve got em. This way the owner of these lost gems can take them up daily, weekly or however quickly they’re losing their s**t. You may be saying… “OR they can just take care of their own stuff and not leave it all over the place.” Well, there’s that. Or, there’s the peace of throwing it in a basket and not letting it mess up your (head)space. 

And there you have it! Some of our go-to tips on corralling all the things to keep the peace. Oh ya, the last Productivity Hack for this one: set a date to go through your bins/baskets.

Make it fun… put on your favorite jam and try to get through your bin by the time the song ends. Likely, you (or your fam) will be running around putting things back, throwing out/recycling/donate-boxing items you no longer need all while getting in a few dance moves… smiles guaranteed.

Happy Organizing!



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