It's National Reach As High As You Can Day


14 April 2020

On National Reach As High As You Can Day, I’m choosing to celebrate the ability to chase dreams.

With a name like that, you gotta spend a little time thinking on it, right? So today, I'm finding gratitude for the giant step I took to become a free standing entrepreneur. While it's been a roller coaster of emotion over the last month, I want to appreciate the opportunity to be able to own and operate my very own business. While I've had this business baby for almost 2 years, it just graduated from side hustle to full time job. 

Given the timing, both with what had started with COVID-19 and some quick decisions outside of my control, I didn't have really have a chance to celebrate my big step of going out on my own- which was officially taken on March 9th. Regardless, with so much fear and pain in the world, it seemed like a terrible time to celebrate.There was no announcement, there was no party, to be honest- not even a cheers was had. It makes me a little sad to recount that, but there will be time once all of this has passed. I certainly won't ever forget the timing of my decision to stand on my own two feet, to support myself and this business I've created.

And let's be real, I wasn't quite blowing my airhorn with a party hat on since I couldn't escape the thought that my original plan of, "Well, if things start getting tough, I'll get a job." Now what?? Everything looks different now.


But that's a dark rabbit hole that I recommend we all stay out of. I definitely think there's a scary snake in there 🐍.

While the valleys of the roller coaster are leery, the peaks are full of excitement for the future. Because I am certain there is light on the other side of this tunnel and no matter what comes of all of this, it will get figured out and we will get to the other side!

Just the ability to take this step gives me all the feels, so I'm gonna stay up here today, okay? Come on up... the sun's out and it feels good!


While it may not feel like it for you in this moment, the sky’s the limit, friend! So what are you gonna celebrate? Given the current climate, it could be getting out of bed... and that is A-OK. But the sky IS still the limit- the day is young and there's still time to take a shower, and maybe even put something healthy in your body. Let's rename it "Reach As High as you can, Today Day". That's it, just as high as you can reach... today. 



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