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 Ok, so this is one of those Small Wonders I was telling you about... here goes:
Have you ever been in a store, or a restaurant (sidenote, remember those places? We'll be back soon! Can't wait!!) that feels off, but you can’t put your finger on why? 
It could be as simple as... the lighting.
Sometimes it’s so subtle that you’re not even aware of your unease. I call it- when the ambience doesn’t match the experience. What you’re feeling is real, I promise. It's definitely real and it's all about tension without balance and it's a whole thing, but here's the deal... it happens at home too,
and we can fix it! 

Light is directly related to our mood, concentration and energy levels and at home it's a fairly easy way to make a HUGE impact.

Here are 3 ideas to consider:

Your Lamps

Do you have adequate overhead lighting so you skipped the lamps?? I urge you, try one... or 3! Lamp lighting sets a tone, cozies up a space and makes EVERYONE look good. Truly... it is a very complimentary light source, not to mention you can control it much better. 

This lamp from West Elm is over 30". Scale is important here! Don't go too short, it'll dwarf your space. It's all about balance...

Hanging Lights

Your chandelier and pendant lighting are an opportunity to make your statement! Be sure to keep scale in mind, this is another area where the tendency to go too small is common.  

This beauty from Shades of Light

Your Bulbs

Be sure to select the proper bulb. This may feel like a trivial decision, but being how impactful light is… remember we’re basically houseplants in need of light and water, it’s worth a thought. 


There’s a huge amount of research behind light temperature and circadian rhythm in how it influences our daily lives. It is VAST. Maybe you don’t have to dive into it, but it's absolutely worth a little thought when choosing how to light your space. 


The cliffs notes are: warm light (yellow glow) is more welcoming and relaxing, while cool light (blue glow) is more stimulating and promotes alertness and productivity. How to determine the right temperature for the space? Here’s a cheat sheet pulled from…

How to tell if a bulb is warm or cool? Oftentimes it will be listed right on the box like: “Warm White” or similar, but there is also a chart on there that has the Kelvin (K)  temperature listed (how light temperature is measured).

I hope these give you some ideas of how you can love your space even more! This is a prime example of those Small Wonders I mentioned... a small tweak that has WONDROUS results. With the amount of time that we spend (especially now) in our homes, why not take every advantage of what we have? Click the box below to send over your lighting question, or to let me know what you think.

For a list of some current favorites when it comes to lighting, check out THIS list of faves

Chat soon, 
:)  Kate

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