Oooh la la: Market Envy

The High Point Market, held in High Point, North Carolina, is a ginormous home furnishings industry trade show. This past week it was held and while I didn’t make it this round, l ooohed and ahhhed over all the videos from those that were there. Being able to see items in person and interact with them is such a jolt of inspiration and creativity… not to mention an amazing opportunity to get things done on a project. Here are a few beauties that sparked joy:

Lots of curves:

Curves coming back and oh my are they looking good. In furniture- the arms of chairs, the curves of a sofa back and seat… even bullnose edges are making their comeback. Here are a few that caught me eye…

Pretty Little Thing
Double Edge Sofa
Whitney Velvet Sofa (City Grey)Twists on classic lighting:

This was something cool I noticed, especially with lantern styles. Classic shapes done in vibrant colors, or organic adds like fibre and wood to sleek metal fixtures… loving it!

Purebred Large LanternLedoux Lantern
Carousel Lantern


Beautiful patterns:

I always love a good pattern… floral, animal print, geometric- yes, yes and yes!! Color has been creeping back in where neutrals (gray and beige) were running the show for a looooong while. There’ll always be a place for them all, but it is fun to see more colorful patterns showing up- mixing together and creating full and lively spaces. 

Chaffey Pillow
Dampier Pillow
ps... you can click these images to shop these items!


I was lucky enough to be able to see some of the market beauties at the Las Vegas Market back in April, but I look forward to getting to High Point next time.  Do you think you'd like it? It's an intense experience, but if you love to shop and look at all the gorgeous creations out there, it's a fun one!


And in non-decor ooo la la’s, but kind of, maybe, because you do see it… I finally took the plunge on a new countertop appliance I'd been thinking about. 

An air fryer. I’ve researched and thought about it for the last 2 months. Down so many rabbit holes and so much time spent on the research process, and what did I land on? The second one I looked at... 2 of probably 27. Did I need to spend the time looking at the next 25 options? Maybe not, but it’s part of the process. I can now write a full report that my sixth grade self would be super proud of. Check and check. 

Have you jumped on this air fryer trend? If so, send me your fave recipes!! I’m most excited to try brussels sprouts, but looking for a good way to whip them up.

Have a lovely day, friend!


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