Small Wonders- little changes make a BIG improvement ūü¶č


Have you ever been here before? You know that you don't like the way you feel in that mishmoshed sitting room, you look around picking apart each thing that you can't stand... before you know it, just thinking about changing something feels like giving a mouse a cookie. Starts with a pillow and now you're daydreaming of gutting the floors! And listen, if that is in the cards for you, then HELL YA! Sounds fun! If not, it can feel daunting and not worth it to make any change at all... I say no way! Enjoy the space you are in, NOW. Our surroundings make SUCH a huge impact on us and you are worth it. A thousand times!! 

Obviously there are gonna be some things you want to think about as far as your investment and the timing of your choices when updating your decor, but I'm a firm believer in the fact that there are always options. 

I recently started a little collection of decor go-to's that I'm calling "Small Wonders." Why?? They're relatively easy tweaks that make a HUGE impact. (and I'm an eighties baby ūüėČ.. who remembers Vicki??)

When I say Small Wonders, I'm talking:
*shopping your home and up-leveling the feel of your rooms
*adjusting your lighting to create the ambience of your dreams 
*changing your curtains to make your room feel bigger, brighter and better
These are a few of my faves that make the biggest impact- based on the reactions (like pure joy! & compliments) when I do them in my own space and most rewarding when I use them on client projects. When you feel your room elevate by just a few simple changes, it's mindblowingly awesome. And you get to soak in that new awesome every single day! Yes, I get really excited about this :) but it's because your space is so crazy impactful. 
I'll be going into more detail on how I use these ideas here on the blog...  and if they sound up your alley, enter your email address at the bottom of this page so we can talk more about them!





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