Designer for a Day

What to Expect

Designer for a Day is a great way to get that helping hand and make some major progress on your to-do list. We'll start off with a tour of your space. Very similar to the Design Consultation, you'll share what's working for you, what's not, where you're stumped, what you're thinking… share it all!

We'll determine the scope of the project(s) we'll be tackling and get started. This can be anything from planning out the design concept for your guest suite to adjusting your existing decor throughout your home so that it feels more pulled together.

Guest Suite Example:

We'll look through your inspiration images and through chatting about your needs for function and desire for the feel, come up with some of our own.

We'll do an investment workup. You'll make the call here on your budget, but I'll guide you based on the items we need to bring in to achieve your goals and the value you place on those items.

You'll see a "vision board" of the room and we'll determine which items you want to go ahead with. You can really get going by purchasing them on the spot!

Based on the items you choose, you'll receive a mockup of the placement and layout for your new items. We'll have the painters tape ready to provide a layout visual ;)

Once you get your new additions, place them and voila! you have your new room.

Existing Decor Adjustment Example:

Let's go through your home room by room and make some adjustments!

By now, you’ve shared what’s working and what’s not so I’ll provide suggestions to make it all work. This might look like…

A new better fitting area rug in the living room. I’ll tape out my size suggestion and we can look through some inspiration photos for designs that will work. If you’re ready to purchase, let’s jump online and get it done!

Moving art from one wall to another to showcase it better. Redistributing art and accessories is a big one. Sometimes, you don’t see what you have or how it can work better because you’re looking at it all the time!

Adjust the layout in your family room. Layout is often addressed because most of us move in, place our furniture (if you initially saw the space furnished, likely you’ll be inclined to lay yours out the same way) and we don’t think about it again. Adjustments will be suggested to maximize your space. Taking into account the flow of the home, traffic pattern, focal points and your style... a new layout can be a game changer. 

Overall room suggestions. Ex: adding drapes (and how to hang them) to make your space appear larger and feel more open, considering changing the shape of your table for balance and better use of space, changes to your lighting to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment, etc.