Eat in Kitchen Modern Farmhouse 2.0

Ohhh, how I love this trip down memory lane. Can you blame me?

First of all, when you’re working with a canvas like this one, it’s hard not to be giddy about the details to take it over the top. 

We started here with the intent of creating a kid friendly, functional space for eating, hanging out and entertaining. Previously, the oval table here was beautiful and had a lovely backstory, but the wood tones in the room weren’t complementing each other and it didn’t allow for the flow that a round table would. We came up with a fun solution for keeping the table in the family, but moving it to another space (that’ll be a fun one down the road 😉).

Our original plan in here was light and bright while working with the beautiful features of the home. As is always the case, with so many elements going into each decision, we tweaked a bit. 
To fit within budget, timing and availability we adjusted the vision to a darker table and the result was a win. It worked well with the beautiful wood floors along with the darker accents we were bringing in to the adjoining living room.


Knowing her love for slightly whimsical farm animals, I chose this big, cool, modern feeling abstract hen artwork. 


This client has her finger on the pulse when it comes to trends and loves to incorporate them into her home… on this project: CANING was on the brain and we wanted to bring it in in a cool way.. She also liked the look of the bentwood stools, so we ended up going with these GORGEOUS numbers from Rejuvenation with that bentwood look and cane back. The color 

We were able to use these farmhouse prints, and update them to create the more modern, clean vibe we were going for. You know I love an upcycle so this was extra exciting… and this wasn’t the only opportunity we had. We also were able to use a bench that was previously purchased, upholster it and have it be the perfect perch for extra guests or to put on or take off shoes on the way out the back door.



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