Full Service Package

We begin with a Full Service Home Review. This consultation is an opportunity to see your home first hand. It’s time to listen to your decor pain points and learn more about your vision for the space. It allows us to see how you use the space that you have and how we’ll maximize it for your lifestyle. This Design Consultation starts your project off!

What to Expect:

We’ll start with a tour of your space. You’ll share what’s working for you and what’s not, what you’ve tried, what you’re thinking- all the things! It helps to see your space in its raw environment, as in- no need to tidy up, this will allow us to see how we can help the space function best for you. If this is a new build or a home you’re moving into we’ll spend time with your floorplans, photos, wishlists and look to your existing or desired style for inspiration. 

We’ll then determine the scope of your project. What are we gonna focus on? This can be touches throughout to pull the space together, full rooms or we’ll provide suggestions if you’re unsure.

Determining an investment range is next. If you have a budget in mind, let’s discuss it! It’s super common for a client not to have a budget… often you’re unsure of how much these things will cost and/or what all goes into achieving the look you want. We’ll spend some time working up an appropriate budget for you. You’ll make the call on this one, but you’ll be guided along the way. We’ll do a work up to determine what’s right for you based on the desired look and feel and what the value of these pieces are to you.

Based on this appointment we can go forward with creating a package that will suit your needs. You can expect a proposal within 5 days of our meeting.

Consultations are up to 90 minutes (additional time available for larger scale projects). Travel for In-home visits within 30 minutes of Westwood, NJ included and Virtually- anywhere! Virtual consultations begin with an additional questionnaire and we’ll ask you to submit photos prior to our “visit”.



General Next Steps...

Following our consultation, you’ll be provided with suggestions for how we can help you reach your goals. First, we’ll take time to figure out what those are- how you want to feel in the space, how you’ll use each space, what existing pieces you’d like to incorporate- really understand what will work best for you. From there, we’ll collect measurements and photos.  After we have an understanding of your specific needs- we’ll present a design concept in the form of mood boards and floor plans for you to get an understanding of what your project could look like.


 *sample mood boards and floor plans


We’ll make any adjustments, if needed, and from there begin sourcing your items. We source items from multiple vendors keeping in mind what works best for you. We take into consideration: your investment range, use of the item, quality and materials. 

We’ll take care of the invoicing, ordering, lining up deliveries and installation of your new furnishings. Throughout the process, there will be regular check ins on the progress of your project and we’re available for any questions that pop up. 

Full Service includes:

  • Measuring of your space
  • Design/Mood Boards presented for inspiration based the specific needs of your project
  • Sourcing new furnishings and decor
  • Working with other trades to ensure your vision is brought to life
  • Streamline invoicing and orders
  • Handle deliveries and orchestrate the install of your furnishings


We look forward to helping you love where you live. Click here to schedule your Home Review.